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6 Jan 2010 winter passing

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It is frigid today.  I walked this morn for only a brief moment and when I got home my face was still red and cold.  The wind is cutting.  Zephyr forces me from his sight, admonishing me for being outside midwinter when I don’t really have to be.

My house tries to be warm.  Furnace fighting valiantly in the face of frigidity.  Insulation huddling together to make warm air pockets.  Space heater making a small, warm glow for us to huddle about- when the dog isn’t hogging it all.

My thermals and fleece prove to be money well spent, gifts well used.  Fingerless wool gloves a wondrous Yuletide gift.  Even if it’s too cold to use them outside, they’re still good for typing.

Alexi Murdoch singing:

‘I’m just a spirit trying to be human…..
you don’t need strength to be strong.
Time to believe in what you know…’
I try to remember this.

Hula today to warm me up.  I think of the waves on the beach, Kona, sunshine on my face as I dance.  A new dance today.  Coordinate hands and feet.  And head.  Don’t forget to breathe.  This will stick if I do it a hundred more times.  One of the girls will move to Florida soon, and I will miss her.  I hope she is lucky in life and enjoys each moment of it.

I think of my family, the subject of much conversation lately, and can only hope they will all find their way.  I worry for them, wishing I could wave my wand or make a charm and smooth the way.  Make them know all they need to without experience.  For all my personal growth and lessons this month, I will be glad to see it pass.

The cards warn me of more to come, and moving on after.

I have music to lead the way.  Strong hands to hold on the path.  The guiding light of hope.  Faith that after the fear washes over and through me, only I will Remain.


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