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6 Jul. 2007 a plan to end war! (read at your own risk)

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I have had a great idea!  It came to me last night after dinner.  I am about to share with you the secret to end all war.  Ready?  Ok, brace yourselves.  First we send out verbal warnings to troublemakers all over the world (here at home too, don’t want to leave anyone out), and we tell them they have 2 weeks to come to a peaceful resolution of their respective issues.  If they do not meet the deadline, drastic measures will be taken.  If (as will probably happen) this demand has not been met, we move on to step 2.  Order hotwings out and make a nice side of cajun-style beans for my darling husband.  (Actually any beans will do….)  Allow him to consume and enjoy this food.  Airlift him to the nearest zone of discontent (by which time the food will have begun to process) and drop him with a gas mask (for his own protection), then you just kick back and wait for the first fart.  Really that 1st one is all it should take.  Only the really stupid people would not surrender and be willing to make peace immediately to prevent another round being let off.  (And maybe that’s as it should be…)  I think for larger areas we could maybe recruit more willing bodies to help.  I might even consider it.  I mean world peace is a worthy cause after all. I’m not sure I could do it though, I embarrass easily on some things (this is one of those).  I do, however, know other males who would be not only happy to participate, it would probably make their day to be asked.  I should send this to the People In Charge!  I am a genius!!  I have solved the world’s problems with one blog!!!  I had no idea I was so smart (I do, however, know that I have a big head….but that’s cause my brain is soooooo big!)


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