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7 Aug. 2007 update

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Tissues.  Toilet paper.  These should not be eaten by anyone, but apparently especially not my dog.  That is what caused the major meltdown last evening.  I took the sample to the vet, they looked at it, chuckled and told me.  Tissues. 
Fucking dog.  I was scared to death that it was this big issue.  Sure she was gonna have to be on medicine forever or something and it’s fucking tissues.  Well, it could be worse.  It could’ve been a practical joke my smarter than average (huh) dog was playing on me… come to that, it still could be.  I should have known, but alas, I was not brave enough to get up close and personal with it to see what it looked like– anything that can make me retch like that, I’ll avoid, thank you.  So, yay me, tissues and no worms (went ahead and had it tested just to be sure).  Now all I’ve got to do is put a security fence around the trash cans to keep her tissue- eatin’ ass out.  Also, on the upside of this, I get my payback.  She has a vet appointment for next week to update her shots, so ha-fucking-ha all over her!  (I do actually feel bad that she’s gonna get stuck about 3 times though.  Poor thing….)  Also, I think she thought she was going to starve to death.  I put out a bit of food for her just now and she practically attacked it.  Just following orders, kiddo; nothing personal.    Oh well, what is it they say?  All’s well that ends well…. unless you’re eating tissues…


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