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7 Jun. 2009 Oh! The fear of lemonade…

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Today is Sunday sounds day, when (in the past) the library offered coffee and snacks to the masses so they will come in and listen to a musician while looking for books (hopefully). However.  “In these hard economic times” (swear, if I have to listen to that phrase one more time I’ll scream loud and long..) and after a 20% budget cut, we will now be offering instant lemonade.  Just looking at that makes me simultaneously chuckle and cringe.  These are the same adults who scream and cry if we don’t send them an email to remind them to return their (our) books on time.  Somewhere in that mass is the man who tried to make me cry over 20 cents.  And we’re only offering instant lemonade?!!
I need a helmet.
And possibly a flak jacket.
Maybe I should just call in.  After all, it’s a fabulous day already and my garden is calling.  The Yarrow is in bloom, the comfrey needs cut back, and how the hell do you grow veg with no work?  Don’t they have self watering plants yet?  I like the dirty work well enough, but after while watering just gets old.  And forgotten.  (Usually when the plants need it most, like all of August.)  Good thing D/h and the boy will do it, else my garden wouldn’t be quite so green come late summer.  Thought of harvesting and drying, but I have an overflow of almost everything (except the stuff I don’t grow- naturally).  Maybe I should open a stall at the farmer’s market… If only I had the time for it.  Still it’s a thought.


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