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7 Oct. 2009 rant + crafts = rafts?

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Herein lies a smallish rant. (But only for a moment..)

I know a woman who does healing work who asked me to take part in a healing fair she was putting on to benefit a group who works with autistic children. I got back to her after I got laid off and told her since my time is officially my own now, I’d love to have a booth. She said ok and told me the date, 10 Oct. I said ok, where? At the time (beginning of last month) she said she was having a problem finding a venue (cause it’s all new agey and I live in a slightly repressed area). Ok. So, I give her my email, she says she’ll be in touch soon, and I wait. And wait. And wait. Urg. Finally this Sunday passed, and I email her asking what’s up. She tells me, oh we had to postpone it. Here’s my frustration: She couldn’t have dropped a line sooner and given me the heads up? Was she even planning on contacting me? Honestly, I’m fine with postponing it. Her family has a habit if disorganization that kinda drives me crazy, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out or anything. Why don’t folks just say- ‘hey, it sucks but this isn’t gonna happen’? I know this is a touchy subject with me right now, ’cause that’s how work was in the months before they did layoffs. Inching along, ‘trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings’, dragging out the whole process and just causing general frustration. I am a big girl. I can handle it, whether it’s being told I’m being laid off or the healing fair isn’t gonna be. Just tell me for the love of Jane! I’m nowhere near perfect, and I’m sure this is my current lesson in life because I’m chicken about some things.

And there it is. Being chicken gets noone anywhere. I have to just come out and say ‘no, I’m not doing that’. Which is kind of funny, because there are loads of things I CAN do that with. But certain ones I’m all cowardly on. Calling in sick. Telling my teacher I don’t want to perform at shows (course there’s a whole other issue in there). Eeewwww.. I hate it when the lesson is one I don’t want to face. Well, I guess I’ll just have to put on my big girl panties and deal.

Enough of that nonsense…

Worked on a pair of fleece mittens last eve while watching murder mysteries (seems appropriate for the season and Monkey likes to watch with me). Originally they were to be for Monkey, but as they are my first attempt, I felt somewhat obligated to mess them up. (Ok, not really, but it sounds good…) So the wrists are like 2 inches -if that- wide and the hands just fit the boy’s. By just I mean the seams were straining not to pop. So, my Goddess Daughter will be getting modified mittens for Yule! (She still has very small hands, and I think I can do something about the wrists- fingers crossed.) Now I have to restart on some for the Monkey. The idea is to match the scarf he got last year. Which we’ll be needing to dig out soon.

Also worked on my misbegotten knitted scarf. Have to take pictures of it so everyone can see what happens when your knitting needles mock you at every stitch. Beware of needles with attitude people!! Their mockery can unhinge even the stout hearted!! I threatened to give it to Bear when it’s done, and he told me it would probably just get lost while he was out on a hike…. But I’ve come to the decision that when it’s done I’ll wear it with pride (as long as it doesn’t try to strangle me). I fully expect it to be freakish, and therefore one of a kind. And it’ll be good for a laugh, which is what I aim for generally.


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