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8 Aug. 2007 things to make one buggy

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Another meltingly hot day at the grease pit and—– I survived!!!  Yay me!!!  The outside high temp today was 98, with the heat index it was a bit over 100 I think.  The air is busted in the pit again.  Oh joy!  Even the dining room was hot.  So, I spent the morning sucking on ice cubes (seeing as how we’re not allowed to have a ‘drink’ in the kitchen, I figured they can’t say much to me about a non-drink… right?)  About 3 hours after I clocked in (and started on the ice out of self- defense) Curly graced me with the info that she (and others who verified this) had found roaches in the ice machine WHILE I HAD AN ICE CUBE IN MY MOUTH!!!!  I must say, I handled myself admirably- I only gagged once (however much more I wanted to do).  Just when I think that place can’t get any worse, something like this happens.  Lavenderandlace said it was our fault for propping the drive- thru window open and the bugs come in that way.  When I asked her why roaches would go for ice over, say, the soda fountain (which is right next to it) or the food (which is, frankly, all over), she had nothing to say.  Maybe they were thirsty.  Or just looking for a place to cool off.  It has been pretty hot, even for a bug I guess.  Do roaches even drink?  Regardless….. FUCKING EEEEWWW.  Also, L&L has discovered that we have mice (which I have suspected for a long time), and has determined to “Do Something” about.  As much as I hate it, the simple answer here is rat poison.  (But they won’t do that.)  I can assure you this works, having seen the morbid remains and dying myself (and I can’t help feeling bad for the little critters, they’re just looking for an easy life like the rest of us.)  So, naturally, as far as I know, nothing has been done either way and probably won’t be for a while.  And when something finally does get done, it will be done so half-assed that a toddler could do it better blindfolded.  If only Boyprince and Co. would just invest a bit of cash, they’d get much better results.  But they’re more the ‘buy cheap and keep rigging cheap’ types.  I have just at this moment accepted that the air conditioning there will never be properly fixed and I’m doomed to sweat my ass of while working.  (On the upside of this, maybe it’ll be like a sauna– I may loose a few pounds while working in the heat, if I don’t pass out first….)


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