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8 Jul. 2007 Yard sales!!! YAY!!

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Today is a yard sale day.  Yay Yard Sales!!   (As long as it’s not in MY yard– too much work for me…)  We will be looking for the odd, unusual, and HALLOWEENY.  It’s hard to find really good halloween stuff at yard sales tho.  Found a cool watch yesterday, it needs a battery but I really like it.  Actually though, the thing going in circles in my brain is the whole healing thing.  Bit by bit I am beginning to get a clearer picture of what I want.  D/h had an excellent suggestion that I volunteer my services to the spiritualist church I go to every once in a while.  Get lots of practice, and put myself out there to be seen by a larger group of people.  I feel only slightly weird about this for a couple of reasons.  1st- it’s “church”.  Those of you who know me well know that the very idea of me attending church is preposterous.  But I assure you, not only are they cool with me thinking for myself, they encourage it.  2d- I haven’t been going with any regularity lately (like the last 4 months I’ve been maybe 4 times…uhh, no excuse, I just like to sleep in), so I’m not sure how well they’d look on that.  D/h points out that my Reiki teacher not only attends the church, but is a staple there and may be willing to help my cause.  I concede the point.  So, I suppose I’ll have to reform myself, start rising early on Sundays and try to be more consistent in my visits.  I’m also going to work on a few friends who could use it with more regularity.  I’d really like to get a table to work on, but as that isn’t financially viable right now, I’ll just have to make do with beds and couches and chairs and hope I can save the cash to get one (relatively) soon.  The funny thing is, I would like to be more of a ‘traveling healer’ as it were.  I have no problem with packing up my gear (as previously mentioned I also do intuitive healing, which can involve miscellaneous items) and boogeying over to someone’s house to work on them.  Course, working on compleat strangers does present somewhat of a problem in this day and age.  Crazy psychotic people abound.  So, for those people whom I’m not comfortable visiting, I need a secondary space.  Not my house.  I’m actually very private (bet you can’t tell huh…..).  There are a few people I can talk to who run businesses that would likely be cool with my work.  The thing is, for me it’s not about the money.  I do get the whole energy exchange thing.  Bring me a chicken or some bread and I’m happy.  Trade me for a massage!  Yay!  But if I start investing a lot of cash into this, I need to figure out how to make it back.  I’m not rich by any (financial) stretch (yet- I intend to win the lottery soon…) so it does matter.  Hmmm…… have to give that more thought.  If, however, I don’t have to pay for my own “shop” or whatever, then it matters less.  See how the circles work?  Ok.  Time to go see what weirdness I can find at the yard sales.  (I know– ‘you could save that money for your table or business cards’– but people, it’s Sunday, it’s 10 bucks, I have to figure out what to be for Halloween, and there’s treasure all around!!!!)


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