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8 Oct. 2009 reasons to stir the pot..

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D/h is preparing for his annual Man camping trip with all the boys, and part of that is prepping a huge communal meal to freeze and take with. The idea is that it will thaw throughout the day while they are hiking in, and by the time dinner time rolls around it’s a heat and eat. This year’s meal was to be stew. 

Poor D/h. He takes it so hard when his trials go awry (it only happens once every few years or so really, so I do understand.)

We are talking a massive quantity of stew here. He figured- double the recipe and we can have it for dinner tonight and still have plenty for him and the boys after. The thing is, all in one pot it’s hard to prevent sticking in the bottom. And burning. It’s a new recipe involving red wine, and while we don’t generally cook with wine it seems pretty cut and dried. But we let some of the funny smell pass because of that. And by the time we started to worry, it was too late. He poured everything into a new pot, but I guess the mistake was stirring first* and the burn must’ve just transferred over with everything else. My idea was strain the liquid off and put in new broth and slow cook it in the crock pot so that (hopefully) the new broth would infuse the rest with a better taste. When we tasted the meat though…. well, he’s not going for it.


*Hindsight being 20/20, of course.

Add to all this Monkey sitting next to dear ole dad going “UGH! That smells gross!!! That’s definitely burnt!! That’s horrible smelling!! Blech!!!!” (Repeat, over and over for about 15 minutes), and D/h feels like a bug-turd.

I’m going to make them a Vat of chili in the morning, and see if Chessman will bring along some cake (it was his birthday and Clowngirl made him the most marvelous German Chocolate Cake- ooohhh…). Hopefully that will help. Anyway, here’s the stew in all it’s pre-burn glory:


I was trying to capture the pinkish/bloody look of this from the wine (another thing Monkey was harping on), thought it would make a good Halloweeny shot… I guess it came out kinda gory anyway though. It really sucks to have to dump all that, but I don’t know what else to do with it. There’s meat in there, so composting it is out of the question. Have to give it some thought while it’s cooling. Oh well, it was a (big) learning experience. Better luck next time!


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