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9 Nov. 2009 A bit o’ this and that..

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~~ Woke up this morning with a confounding crick in my neck.  Any time I turn my head to either side I can hear the machinery inside go “Skreeee”.  I’m not sure what this means, but it doesn’t feel very good.  My sincerest hope is that it will go away.  Now.

~~ I’ve been waiting tables at the Chinese up the street for a couple of weeks now.  Only lunches 2 days a week, but it’s a boost of sorts financially and it’s really nice to have cash in hand when I leave.  Even if it’s not a lot.  (Amazing how 5 bucks feels like a lot when you’re nearing broke.)  Also, they feed me… can’t go wrong with that.

It feels strange to be waiting tables again, a bit.  I got so used to not really interacting with the people I serve that actually talking to them is weird.  I guess it’s really that they are responding when I speak to them… often at the libe they’d just push their stuff at me and expect me to carry on.  At the grease pit it was an even shorter interaction.  Also there’s learning the lunch menu.  I’ve worked at this place before, ages ago, but it was for dinners and I was a hostess/bartender/carryout person.  I served at dinner for a brief time before I decided I couldn’t keep up with the pace and backed slowly away.  I’m safer at the bar (strangely).

~~ The herb classes are going well.  Saturday is the last in this session and I think we’ll be working on giftie- type bath product stuff.  (Hear all that conviction?  That’s ’cause I’m still sort of working on the  ideas/recipes.) Having two students makes things both easier and more difficult.  I have fewer things to put together and fewer people in my tiny tiny house at once, but they don’t ask many questions or keep each other occupied much.  We did ointments this past Saturday, and I think they turned out quite well.  A bigger space might be nice (only room for one at my stove/workspace), but we work with what I have.  I need to put together a comment sheet and get some feedback, but I have a couple ideas for doing things different next time.

~~ Homeopathy class tomorrow eve.  I’ve a couple questions ready, but I get the feeling this is one of those things where practice means more than book-learning and abstract note taking.  This is both good and bad as it means I’ll get some working time in with it, but I’ll probably fall flat on my face more than a few times.  Ah, the ups and downs of self healing….

~~ Seems like I wrote about it, but maybe no… We got the roof replaced on the house way back in August.  The roof itself looks great, but they screwed up our gutters and took forever to fix them.  I think it was the end of last month.  The funny (read: annoying) thing is we still owe them the last bit for the work, and haven’t gotten a bill.  They were supposed to contact our insurance company and let them know the work is all done so the ins. could send us the rest of our claim so we could pay the roofers.  This company (the roofers) has been ridiculously out of touch with us and their own interoffice peeps.  I get the feeling that the right hand seldom knows what the left is doing.  As a customer it’s most frustrating that I still need to think about this at all.  Hopefully we’ll hear something (good) soon.  Fingers crossed.


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