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Spent the morning transferring my blog posts from Myspace to this.  I’m certain there’s a simpler way to do it than the one I chose, but really that’s just par for my course.  After giving it long thought I’ve (finally) decided that particular site is no longer of use to me.  The one blogger I really followed there has created a ‘regular’ blog and doesn’t post at the old one any more, and all my other people are on FB.  It seemed very odd  to me going through and deleting things, making sure I had copies of photos I’d posted, and posting a last comment before I delete the account altogether (which will be tormorrowish).  Bit of an end to the era, I reckon.

Monkey has been sick the last few days.  Bit of the flu or something, so I’ve been pumping him full of tea and vitamin c.  Seems to be doing trick.  He’s at least well enough for schoolwork and video games.  🙂

Bear has been learning the fine art of tattooing bit by bit.  Being the research hound he is there have been books and websites and videos galore.  He’s spoken at length with tattoo artists and is practicing on fruit periodically.  Most recently he’s been working on his own design ideas for his leg.  Overall there is much sketching and lightboxing and colouring and whatnot.

Hula is going well.  We’re working on a new (to me) dance that was stunningly frustrating the first day we worked on it.  I’ve finally worked out the first 2 verses and only have to figure out the 3d before moving on.

New neighbors moving in and I can’t help wondering what they’ll be like.  In typical anti-social style I want them to leave immediately (and if I’m the catalyst for it, so much the better).  Bear says they look normal, but who can tell by appearances anymore, eh?  I mean, we look normal.  Til you come in the house.  Apparently the woman had comments to make about ‘the neighbors’ not scraping the ice up someplace.  My response (in typically shotgun fashion) was fuck that.  I don’t scrape ice off me own paths, for me own self.  Not going to start doing it for the neighbors.


I know, right?  I’m just soooo friendly.  Heh.


Work tonight at the Chinese.  Looking forward to the day when we have full, competent staff.  Haha- ‘neeevah happen’ (she said, in a bad Chinese accent.)  Every time we get someone, the can’t keep up.  Bit sad, really.  It’s a byproduct, I think, of hiring teenagers.  Maybe this year we’ll get a well seasoned server who understands that the appetizers come BEFORE the entree’.  For now, the handful of us are running our asses off on the weekends trying to keep up.  Which really is a good thing, since it shows that business is picking up.
And on that note, I must groove.


A very Happy Chinese New year to you!


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