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19 Jun. 2007 welcome to the 5th realm of hell.

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So this is my blog, howdy and welcome.  Hope some of my stuff is worth reading and if it’s not, well…..  I guess we can’t all have what we want. I work in fast food at one of the 4 or so you’ve already thought of.  For legal reasons I do not intend to name the restaurant, as most of what I have to say will not flatter, but may do more for the health of those who read this than “supersize me” could’ve hoped.  Let me say here that although I DO NOT condone eating this crap, I personally do eat it on the days I have to be there.  Needless to say, I make my own food.  Currently the air conditioning is busted -only in the kitchen though- so the poor fucks making the food, working around hot stuff anyway, are compleatly roasting all day.  And I mean that.  Also, the ice machine busted, so we had to “outsource” for ice and try to make it stretch.  We have a lot of stuff out that needs to have ice under it, stuff that you don’t take to a picinic without having a cooler or a toilet nearby.  All that stuff (and there’s plenty) was sitting in tubs of lukewarm to hot water at one point.  If you ate this stuff at home, your mother would berate you and call you stupid.  The really sad thing is the in store management can only do so much.  They really are doing the best they can with what leeway they’re given.  The handyman (not really very handy– more of a rig-it-up-so-it-works-a-few-more-days guy) was at another store and couldn’t get to ours today.  He said he’d have the air fixed last week.  Whatever.  The really winning thing is my manager would make things better if she could.  Unfortunately her boss (a power hungry corporate climber) has stripped her of all possibility of control or power for good.   I mean, if it was up to her, all the minions would have insurance and make enough to pay the bills.  Also, we’d be allowed to drink soda and have a crew room where we could leave drinks.  Seriously, if I buy a drink and put it in that pathetic and nasty excuse of a “crew area” (I’ve seen larger broom closets) I expect the fucking thing to remain there til I’m finished with it.  But, oh no, ‘no drinks in the kitchen’ is what we hear, and into the trash go the drinks.  I’d just like to know— if that area is the kitchen too, why the fuck are we allowed to leave our bags, shoes, coats, whatever shit we carry in with us there?  Doesn’t it seem like we should keep all that shit out?  Bitch.  For the record here, the area is NOT in the kitchen– I wouldn’t put my bag in that nasty ass place.  There are a few of us who try to clean up, but you can only spend so much time cleaning other people’s slop before you stop caring.  Plus, I don’t know how to change the grease, nor would I care to, so I have no control there.  Just to have something to talk about with the others though, I do loudly talk about how the grease is so filthy it makes old motor oil look clean.  That always goes over well.  I love my manager– she knows there’s no shutting me up, so she just rolls her eyes and makes a note to mention it to the closers that they do need to do their jobs now and then.  A note here on the use of gloves in fast food.  In my area it is now a part of the health code that you have to wear gloves to prepare food.  We are supposed to change them every so often, but I couldn’t tell you how often, because I don’t remember anyone ever telling me.  If you saw the state of some of these gloves after they’ve been worn for a while, and knew that they weren’t generally getting changed til they practically slide off hands, it might put you off fast food for good.  (When I’m fixing my own food, I do it with bare, clean hands.)  When I first worked in fast food, we had no gloves and we all constantly washed our hands (same chain, different store).  If I could go back to that, that’s what I’d do.  Alas, not my choice.  Most of the nastiness is due to a serious loss of give-a-shit.  Where I work there are no incentives to do good work.  Really.  Do a good job and no one notices, but fuck it up and I promise you that you’ll hear about it all day.  This is one of my manager’s flaws– she forgets that even though she can’t give us big things, a simple “good job guys” administered as deserved works nearly as well and decreases worker dissatisfaction.  So do 5 minute breaks.  I miss those since I quit smoking.  This is the only job I’ve ever had where I didn’t get 2 10 minute breaks (at least offered) and a 30 min. lunch.  I know, listen to me whine.


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