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Mmmmm… been a while I suppose.  Haven’t written much of anything for some time now.  We’ve been adjusting to Bear’s new job bit by bit, and life seems to be strangely busy and I just haven’t made time for it.  Kind of surprised to find myself here now, actually. 


I’ve had 4 cups of coffee today.  This is a good thing since it’s coffee made at home and therefore better than just about any I could get anywhere else.  We’ve been eating breakfast out more often since Bear is on 3ds.  It’s time for us to catch up, but I suspect we could catch up just as well (possibly better) in the comfort of our home.  AND, I don’t have to feel like I’ve got to get myself all done up to stay in.  Which is a definite bonus. 


Trying to find some decent new music to listen to.  Not really working at the mo.  Maybe after a few glasses of wine the stuff I’m hearing will sound better to me?  Like beer goggles, only with wine?  Winebuds?  That could be ok.  Heading to Whiskey’s tonight to do his hair in dreadlocks and watch bad films.  It’ll be a hoot.  Last time we did his hair it took forever and we broke 4 combs.  Hopefully things will go more smoothly this time. 


Found something pretty in the garden yesterday… 





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