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For the love of all that is good and holy. 


My child will not leave me the fuck alone.  Bless him, every time I try to read something, listen to something or write something- even if it’s just a grocery list- he’s immediately in my face because he remembered 16 lego related things he MUST TELL ME IMMEDIATELY.*


He can’t tell me when I’m just hanging around the house doing whatever.  Or, like, when I try to initiate conversation.  Nope.  He waits till I’m trying to focus on something else.  The child could be outside and the moment I start to focus on anything requiring my full attention, he’s there. 


“By the way, mom, those legos I told you about?  I can help you look for them on ebay if you want.” 

“Hey mom, wouldn’t pizza be nice for dinner?” 

“Mom, I need the computer- are you almost done?”


This last is inevitably just after I turn the bastard machine on.  It’s like there’s a sensor in his head that goes off at just the moment I decide I need a bit of time to myself.  I know admitting this makes me a horrible Mom.  Full of terribleness and evil.  But all I really want is to not be interrupted for just a little while.  Say, an hour.  1 Hour.  That shouldn’t be too hard. 


There has to be some other area in which my son can put his interruption sensor to work.  Some way he can capitalise on it.  He’s Quite effective.  And I know at some point I’m going to miss that (no, I don’t think so.  Other things about him, but not this particular thing.)  He’s a great kid, I love him dearly.  I just wish he was less consistent with this ‘quirk’. 


*{this literally just happened}



Our Thanksgiving was lovely.  We had a few odds and ends over for goose (which came out marvelously), wine, and dessert.  The kids all wore themselves out running about creating mayhem.  Monkey, being the oldest of them was quite patient with them all invading his room and screeching and whatnot.  We got to watch the parade early in the day whilst prepping for company, and Monkey got to see some of the extended family early in the afternoon. 


We have a lot to be grateful for.  Bear’s job (even with the massive drawback of being a timesuck- it beats the shit out of nothing), my job (sooo much better than the library), our family (healthy, happy, cared for, loved), our friends (who are really family), and so much more.  It’s tough, sometimes, to remember that things could always be worse.  In a moment of misery, what could possibly be worse- right?  It could.  Be glad for what you have~ even interruptions~ because someone else has less.  In the words of someone great: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.* 



*{so they’re likely carrying weapons}


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