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it’s time to stop daydreaming

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Get off your ass.  Stop looking out the window at theworld, looking at all the others out there moving and making it happen and GO.  There is no magic wand to make you abruptly happy.  No miracle that will transport you to the perfect place and time.  Go.  Only you can carry yourself there.   Only you can make your life move.  Or you can sit there.  Lie down and watch the living pass you by.  There is no other way.  You get up, get dressed and GO.  Stop pining for something to happen effortlessly.  It’s bullshit and laziness.  She will not move you. He will not fix you.  Nothing else can do it.  Use the legs you were given and be grateful.  Use the lungs that fill your chest.  Make them work.  Feel the divine motion you are given.  Hot or cold.  Wet or dry.  Doesn’t matter.  Go.  Move your ass.  Pay homage to the sacred thing you live in and go. 


One thought on “it’s time to stop daydreaming

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