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Ah, Yuletide….. Lovely time of year. Trees, gifts, (mostly) cheerful tunes to annoy me into oblivion if I don’t take steps to avoid it. The radio has played the same 7 tunes so repeatedly I’m having dreams of squirrels singing them whilst dancing on iced over power lines.

This nonsense will not stand.

Hooray for grooveshark and other services in a similar vein. The play list I’m slowly building is so much nicer and more varied. Possibly I won’t go berserk the next time I’m subjected to Felize Navidad because of it. I’m otherwise mostly set for the holiday. I cannot wait til the days begin to get lighter again. Our winter thus far has been weirdly balmy- it’s beginning to freak me out a bit to tell the truth. I’m waiting for 99 feet of snow and ice to heap itself upon me and my neighbors any moment now. It just feels wrong to be driving around with the window down right now…. It’s like the cold is waiting to pounce.

Bear will get a few gifties, but I’ve not found That Gift yet. You know, the one you find and go- “That’s it. If he gets nothing else this year, it’s fine. This is The Most Nifty Thing.” Alas. Alak. Alaska. I must resume the search this weekend. Monkey on the other hand…. nope. Same thing. He wants a phone, which (in the long run) we can’t really cover right now, so that’s a no-go. Beer of the month is out (HA!). There are a few winners but again, nothing that really sparkles. Gah. I feel so inadequate. Oh well.

Speaking of Alaska, I’ve been rewatching Northern Exposure recently. I forgot how very fond I am of this show. It’s very comforting somehow and makes me yearn for the frosty snowy goodness that is the Northern Wilderness. (I secretly love snow- very secretly. Like, I don’t ever admit it. You never read this. It’s all lies anyway.)

I did find the perfect gift for a family in China- we are giving them (through a very kind middlegroup) a flock of ducks. If you’ve never seen or heard of Heifer International, go scope it out. Totally worthwhile cause. As a bonus, you get to feel all Mighty and Awesome and World Changing when you donate. (You are. Totally.)

Anyway… I hope it’s a very Happy Yuletide for one and all, and if you don’t do Yule then have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, etc and so forth. Have a good Season. Feast. Drink. Be kind to one another. Don’t stress out over it. Remember, if you fuck it up this time- there’s always next time around.



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