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Coming along

Well now.  I’ve been working steadily on a few bits and pieces and am beginning to see a little progress.  It’s… surprising, daunting, exciting.  One of my Hula sisters is a massage therapist, and she just got a nifty new table.  I bought her old one for a fantastic price and it will serve nicely for my healing work.  I’ve lined up an info gathering trip to a local massage school in a couple of weeks- we’ll see how that turns out.  Things are a bit up in the air with Bear’s job at the mo, and I’m not sure taking on a largish debt is something we (I) should be doing right now.  Have to see what’s down the line.  Classes don’t start til Fall though, so I’ve a bit of time before I have to make a decision.*  I’ll be calling about space for my healing work today (since I have a table to put folks on now). 

All this just scares the shit out of me. 

I know it’s an irrational thing, this fear.  I know the worst/best that could happen is I have to try again.  It’s been a while since I’ve put myself out there like this, though.  I’m out of practice.  I know this is doable, because I’ve seen that others have done it.  What’s that bit from Dune?

‘I must not fear

Fear is the mind-killer

Fear is the little death that brings oblivion. 

I will allow the fear to pass over me and through me

and when it is gone,

Only I will remain.’


Or something like that….  Have a groovy day, y’all.  May all your fears be groundless. 



*I have one of those panic-adrenaline rushes right now, just writing about it.  OMG.