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Spent the morning transferring my blog posts from Myspace to this.  I’m certain there’s a simpler way to do it than the one I chose, but really that’s just par for my course.  After giving it long thought I’ve (finally) decided that particular site is no longer of use to me.  The one blogger I really followed there has created a ‘regular’ blog and doesn’t post at the old one any more, and all my other people are on FB.  It seemed very odd  to me going through and deleting things, making sure I had copies of photos I’d posted, and posting a last comment before I delete the account altogether (which will be tormorrowish).  Bit of an end to the era, I reckon.

Monkey has been sick the last few days.  Bit of the flu or something, so I’ve been pumping him full of tea and vitamin c.  Seems to be doing trick.  He’s at least well enough for schoolwork and video games.  🙂

Bear has been learning the fine art of tattooing bit by bit.  Being the research hound he is there have been books and websites and videos galore.  He’s spoken at length with tattoo artists and is practicing on fruit periodically.  Most recently he’s been working on his own design ideas for his leg.  Overall there is much sketching and lightboxing and colouring and whatnot.

Hula is going well.  We’re working on a new (to me) dance that was stunningly frustrating the first day we worked on it.  I’ve finally worked out the first 2 verses and only have to figure out the 3d before moving on.

New neighbors moving in and I can’t help wondering what they’ll be like.  In typical anti-social style I want them to leave immediately (and if I’m the catalyst for it, so much the better).  Bear says they look normal, but who can tell by appearances anymore, eh?  I mean, we look normal.  Til you come in the house.  Apparently the woman had comments to make about ‘the neighbors’ not scraping the ice up someplace.  My response (in typically shotgun fashion) was fuck that.  I don’t scrape ice off me own paths, for me own self.  Not going to start doing it for the neighbors.


I know, right?  I’m just soooo friendly.  Heh.


Work tonight at the Chinese.  Looking forward to the day when we have full, competent staff.  Haha- ‘neeevah happen’ (she said, in a bad Chinese accent.)  Every time we get someone, the can’t keep up.  Bit sad, really.  It’s a byproduct, I think, of hiring teenagers.  Maybe this year we’ll get a well seasoned server who understands that the appetizers come BEFORE the entree’.  For now, the handful of us are running our asses off on the weekends trying to keep up.  Which really is a good thing, since it shows that business is picking up.
And on that note, I must groove.


A very Happy Chinese New year to you!


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23 Oct 2010 zen and the art of hallowe’en, and whatnot

Today is getting ready for Hallowe’en day.  Been running about like a maniac (albeit a well planned one) getting the last bits for costumes, making props and generally cleaning up whilst the boys carry on with webbing and so forth.  Heading off to Zombie’s house for a smashing time this evening.  And!  There will be much Cake!!  Hurrah!  I think none of our costumes are exact to what is generally thought of them, but they will be fun nonetheless.

Been searching desperately for a place to listen to new music lately, since it seems every radio station in my area will only play the same ten songs from the 80’s at the moment.  Urk.  If I have to hear George Michael one more time, I may commit a felony.  Been bouncing all over on lastfm and grooveshark and have found a bit, but there seems to be no ‘new music’ search.  Or how about ‘music from the last 6 months’.  Maybe ‘music the mainstream ignores on general principle’.  That would be ok.

Anyway, at the moment I’ve found Vampire Weekend, which is pretty good.  The album on grooveshark is their first, released in 2008.  So not ‘new’, but new to me at least.  Beats the fuck out of George Michael.  And Michael Jackson.  Heehee.  Now, if only the radio would do all this for me…..

All else has been pretty well alright… the Dalai Lama was in my ‘hood not too long ago and left some of his good vibes lingering about, so I’ve been just trying to carry on with the mellow zen-like vibe.  I suppose I’d better run off and spray Monkey’s hair green for him before he has some kind of attack thinking I’ve forgotten.

Cheers y’all…

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11 Oct 2010 a day in the life

Well, after a rough night last night it’s a wonder anything at all got done today, but somehow it did.  Had the worst headache I’ve had in ages come on in the middle of the night and spent a good portion of it trying not to move at all while Bear tried to get the muscles in my face and neck to relax.  Eventually they did and we got a bit of sleep, but yikes.  I don’t miss that at all.

There was much wandering about in a stupor for the first part of the morning and it took til 1:00 to get a decent cup of coffee (even that was a bit questionable though).  As we homeschool and previously spent inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out what the hell was going on, it’s been decided that Mondays will be ‘schooling schedule day’.  The best part of this is Bear and I get to go out to lunch together while we sift through the work for the coming week.

Went to a steakburger joint today, and ordered a cup of coffee “and lots of cream”  and was informed they were out of cream.  Dammit, I knew I should’ve brought me own cow today.  So I told the waitress milk would be ok, and off she went.  She served us the most hideous coffee I’ve had in ages.  I doctored it up as much as I could, and still, it was terrible.  At least the food was good, and we got our stuff done in short order.

Work was a cakewalk this evening, everyone nicely spaced out timewise and no one being heinous or whining.  Even made a bit more than I expected.  I think I can’t ask for much more than that given the rough start this morning.

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10 Oct 2010 getting back into it

May!?  I haven’t written since May!?  Wow.  Doesn’t seem that long, but then I’ve been rather busy with daily life, I guess.

Bear is out on the annual camping trip with the tribe of evil, causing havoc and mayhem and whatnot.  Monkey and I went out last night and saw Mousetrap at one of the local theaters.  Haven’t seen it since I was a kid.  I still love the story, but please can’t someone save us all from bad accents.  Holy shit, I think I spent the first 20 minutes in shock.  I know Ms. Christie was British, but I wonder if the actors can’t do the right accent can an exception be made for it??  Yikes.  Otherwise it was pretty well done.

I think we may spend today putting up Halloween decorations.  Shockingly we’ve all already decided on and put together our costumes.  The boy will be a pirate from one of his favorite cartoons, Bear is doing Dr Who, and I’m doing Luna Lovegood.  I’m really looking forward to it.

The problem with writing is that when you stop for long periods of time then return to it (or try to) everything one writes seems to come out stilted and wrong.  It feels like there is no flow, just drops that come when they will and disappear almost the instant they show themselves.  (Been a drought on here for the last month and a half, can you tell….  I’ve had to actually water my lawn.  Ug.  I *never* water my lawn- it’s a waste, but They’re warning that because it’s so dry the ground could shift around your house and cause fuckery and havoc with any pipes that might be buried there.  I do NOT need that, so I’m watering.)

Anyway.  I suppose I’ll go do something productive and hopefully my next attempt at a Return to Blogging won’t be quite as painful.  Yikes.

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21 May 2010 butter moulds and badassery

Home from the madhouse that was the Chinese this eve.  Yikes.  Short 2 peeps tonight and still working on training the new girl (at her first ever job- yay.)  All of us running like maniacs and trying to keep the customers from starting a food fight.  Add to that my boss’s accent that really gets thick when she’s in a hurry and you’ve got the makings of pure havoc.

We all survived, and no one was wearing their food (or anyone elses) when they left, AND the new girl didn’t run away (again.  She must be fearless.)

Sitting here with a cider and a dog snoot* on my foot feels pretty good at the moment.  Just to take a breather and hear the silence in between dog snores.

*that’s snoooot, not snot.  ‘Cause, eew. 

Went to the antique shop this afternoon to see if I could spy a butter mould for my butter-making antics.  Found one for $20, but it was broken, so no go.  Found 3 more but they cost Considerably More (and presumably were NOT broken), and I’m not paying that much, so, no go.  Have to keep an eye out and see what the universe throws in my path.  Making butter is fun (and easy), and wouldn’t it be cool if I could shape it without all the effort of actually Sculpting it (which is sooo not going to happen anyway).

Hmmmm… maybe I’ll go to the thrift stores tomorrow!  And drag Bear!  All the walking will be good for him since he’s had to take a break on running.  Poor thing, I know it’s got to be killing him to Not Run after he got himself up to 13 odd miles.  He loves it, even if I don’t get it.  But he’s hurt his back and needs to rest and generally be easy on it.  I think it’s driving him bonkers.

I keep turning the job thing over and over in my head, wondering how to make it just the right combination of things for us.  It seems like sometimes the answers are just right there under my nose and others you have to wait and ruminate.  Then ruminate some more.  It’ll get there, just not a quickly.  In the meantime things are ok.  I just see the potential for change and want to be ready.

My Subaru has been growling, and, if you’ve ever encountered a Subaru you may note that generally they are not cars that growl.  Regardless of their level of badassery (mine has a very high level.)  So I’m about to embark on the adventure of tuning up the car, possibly (partially) myself (with a lot of help from Bear- if he can stand to work with me.)  Fingers crossed that that’s all my car needs and it’s not something much scarier (and more expensive).

In “olden days”  before computers were pervasive in cars and I had a car with a motor that faced the right direction, I worked on my own car now and then.  Even if it was long, long ago and the car was a 76 delta olds (and almost a classic one by that point), still.

It may take a few days to get to it though.  Seems like every time I turn around my calender is shockingly full.  Thought I’d try for Sunday, then realised I’ve another Hula show that day.  This last one at the college went from a planned 1 hour show to 15 minutes and 1 fire dance with next to no audience.  We drove 6.5 hours to get there.  Seriously.  I guess it’s ok though- she got paid the full amount, and we got dinner and a scenic drive.  Hopefully the next one will be better.  I guess we’ll find out, yeah?

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18 May 2010 the long and winding road…

The sun has been hiding for days.

Intermittent rain drowns all outdoor possibility.

Just cold enough to aggravate.

Show me blue skies and sunshine, zephyr kissed afternoons.

The crap weather is keeping folks in and away from the Chinese.  Which means, essentially, between last eve and this afternoon I had (maybe) 10 tables and made next to nothing on them.  Bleh.  It will get better, I know, but until then it’s kind of a killjoy. In the meantime, I’m waiting for the sun to emerge.  Trying to keep warm (it’s May for chrissakes!!  Come on!)

Puppa is up and running, almost wouldn’t know he was ever down.  We’re waiting on the stone analysis to come back so we can see what, if any, dietary changes we can make to prevent any more stones.  I’m already dosing him with a tea of dandelion, nettles, and marshmallow root twice a day. Hopefully the changes will be easy to do ones.

Been skimming the news about the oil eruption in the Gulf.  Horrifying.  Apparently they think it’s made it around the tip of Florida and is heading up the east coast toward the gulf stream.  And still, there are politicians pushing to drill in other coastal waters.  I know this was some kind of freak accident, but maybe we should be putting protocols in place to avoid any further accidents like this?  Better yet, maybe we should be pushing closer to the mainstream use of alternatives to oil and oil-based products??  And I can’t begin to comprehend the effects this will have on marine life.  The Exxon spill was bad enough, all those years ago.  This will reach farther in so many ways.  What is the answer?  I surely don’t know.  But it makes me glad that I’ve been reducing my consumption of plastic, even if only a bit at a time.  It makes me glad I’ve begun to capture and reuse my rinse water from doing dishes to water my garden.  It makes me glad for other changes I’ve made in my daily life that allow me to use less, even if only marginally, because I know that once these things become habit I will make other (slightly more drastic?) changes.  And they all add up.  Most importantly, Monkey sees the changes we make, the conscious decisions to have less impact on the world in this way, and absorbs them.  I can only hope this will inform his choices when he’s an adult.

It’s so odd, writing after I haven’t been *at all*.  I have to hunt for words and what to say.  Is that good?  Does that mean I’ve not been keeping my internal stuff all pent up?  Or does it mean my brain is so cluttered the gears just can’t turn?  I’d like to think the former, but some days I’m sure it’s the latter.  I can feel a fog around the edges.  It tastes cottony, dry.  I’m working on it.

Hula tomorrow afternoon and a show on Thursday.  Missed Saturday since the boys and I went to the flea markets. My teacher has had us working on our pa’u skirts and we just made our ipus.  What I really want to finish making now is my ‘uli ‘uli.  I have my grandmother’s, but it’s old enough now that every time you shake it more feathers fall out.  If I practice with it, it looks like I’m dancing in the middle of a red blizzard…  Sadly, my teacher is not the most together person and it will probably take her a few (more) months before we finish them.  I’m kind of amazed the ipus are done and the skirts are nearly done.  If my sewing machine wouldn’t try to eat everything I put in it right now I’d finish the skirt at home, but when I tried to do just that last week I wound up having to rip all the stitching I put in back out.  Stupid machine.  I’ve no idea what its issue is, but sometime this week I guess I’ll find out.  There’s a whole stack of stuff waiting for me to fix it, and most of it needs machine work.  Oh, joy.  Anyway, we’ll get there.

We’re waiting for responses on a couple of garden jobs, so there’s a bit of downtime at the mo (not that we’d be out gardening in the rain or anything, but y’know, it’s the thought that counts….)  And Bear has a few irons in the fire project-wise.  He amazes me.  The man can look at almost anything and come up with a way to make it.  And make it look good.  If you’re into it, his stuff (and ramblings) can be found here.

I think that’s all I’ve got, which turned out to be quite a bit more than I thought I had, but isn’t that usually how things end up?

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16 May 2010 attempting to return.. again

So it’s been a zillion years since I’ve had a mo to sit and read here or put anything up.  It seems like every time I get ready to, something distracts me.  For example:

Puppa woke up around  4.30 am last Friday and needed to go out, so Bear got up and put him out.  When I got up Puppa was being sick in his kennel.  Poor guy.  I thought he had a rawhide hangover since he’d had a few the evening before.  Just assumed he was having trouble digesting.  Called the vet, and they said ‘it’ll pass.’  But he just felt worse and worse as the day went on.  Not drinking anything, not really into moving around.  Called the vet again and they said ‘bring him in and we’ll have a look.’  By the time we got him there, he was making this whining howl thing periodically that just broke my heart.  The vet took one look and said, ‘I think it’s bladder stones’.  !!  Eh?!  Since when??

Turns out it was exactly that.  I have the stones to prove it.  One is about a half inch long and looks like stacked shale.  Oh.  My.  God.  No wonder he was whining.

So, since it was Friday and Pup was dehydrated (!!) they catheterized him (eep) and iv’d him and coned him (so he wouldn’t eat the iv) and kept him like that til Monday when they planned to do surgery.  Except he wouldn’t eat.  So we had to visit and get him to eat, which he did as soon as we got there.  Tuesday, it was, before they unzipped him, cleared out the stones and closed him up.  We got him back that night.

Y’know, you just have no idea how much your pets affect your daily life in tiny little ways til one of them isn’t there.  I was a wreck the whole time he was gone.  In addition to missing the little fella, I felt awful that he’d been left at the vet for 4 nights with no explanation and no indication that we’d come back for him.  And how did it get so bad so rapidly???  WTF???

At this point, I’m just glad he’s back and ok.  His zipper is healing nicely.  It looked a bit freaky to begin with and I was wondering who taught the vet to sew, cause they needed glasses.  But he must’ve known it’d straighten out on its own from the lumpy mess it was to begin with.  Now it’s smooth and almost invisible.

Hula has been interesting.  Had a performance the other night in a modern mansion.  We danced on their dock by their lake.  Yeah.  Like that.  I thought the other girls were going to have to staple their eyes back into their heads.  And it’s funny, the people at the (massive) party were all very nice/polite but (with about 2 exceptions) the ‘help’ were all jerks.  I think they were literally looking down their noses at us in a few instances….  Poor things.  I know from experience it sucks to work a job you totally hate.  (Making assumptions here in order to cut a bit of slack in the hope that they weren’t really total snobs.)  We all had fun trying to keep it together while our props were trying to roll into the water WHILE we were dancing.  And trying not to dance off the dock into the lake.

Also, there have been a few new gardens to work in; one of which involved much sod cutting.  Ug.  Next time I vote we rent a machine.  Fuck that noise.  Doing it by hand is fine for small beds, NOT for big ones.  But the garden looks fantastic.  Added to that working at the Chinese, and day to day stuff and I just haven’t been making time for everything.  Which I really need to get back to.  I have much to catch up on blog-wise.   I will make a start on that, and see where I end up.