thoughts randlomly dropped

Distractions… mostly books. And music. And whatnot…

19 November 2015

Dr Sleep, by Stephen King


surprise boxes from King’s Road Apothecary

watching The Great British Baking Show with the boyos

getting rid of Netflix (we were surprised it didn’t work out better for us)

the suspense of waiting for Library items to come in


2 June 2014

Graduating LMT school

vacation by the sea

Persistence Coffee Cake from Orange Blossom‘s recipe

daily exercise


small bookstores!

Sex After…


11 Jan 2014

Sherlock Holmes in all his forms: Elementary and Sherlock being my current loves

my favourite wine

8tracks- a fun way for me to discover new-to-me music

Bear tattooing me

watching a funny, sweet flick with my guys

working toward my LMT

the Pup, because I need someone small and furry in my life


24 Aug 2012


cleaning my house while I’m the only one home

drinking more water

loud, cheerful music

surprise zucchini plants

Bear’s grandma’s zucchini bread


10 Aug 2012

heating pads for sore muscles

patient people

bird feeders

learning to knit socks

the London Olympics

rereading old favourites


30 Nov 2011

Northern Exposure


Tattoo plans

Werewolves named Kitty

Friends who give you a ride home at the drop of a hat (thanks Irish)

fleece blankies


24 Oct 2011

Halloween, and all that it entails


Human slingshot

Warm Autumn days

Spending the weekend with bear


11 Oct 2011

Dead relatives

creating something from almost nothing

coffee with Bear

Game of Thrones



3 Oct 2011

fuzzy slippers

knitting (and seeing progress)

cozy mysteries from ladies like Carola Dunn and Agatha Christie

birthday pleasantries

small dog and his companion somewhat larger dog

apple pie

offbeat home


21 Aug 2011

herb tea

my ipod~ lovingly named Hoppenbop

finding a recipe I feel good about taking for potluck

roaming the woods

found objects


knowing Bear stands with me, no matter how the wind howls

finishing gifts for loved ones


30 Jul 2011


katie fforde books

comforting a friend

painted ladies in the garden

tattoo plans


24 Mar 2011

small furry dog

learning to crochet


clean laundry

stretching in the morning

19 Feb 2011

Coffee and blueberry muffins (WITH cream cheese) with a friend I don’t get to see nearly enough of


walking when I plan to

Saturdays off

new dog treats that the hounds simply LOVE

windows down, music up

11 Feb 2011

Mah Jongg and lunch with friends

Peach pie

*getting* the new Hula

Yoga in the morning

finding an algebra tutor for Monkey

The music of Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs

4 Feb 2011

The Red Garden- Alice Hoffman

Grouplove- Naked Kids…. perfect music for a summer day, or when you wish it was a summer day.

omgcrosswordpuzzles.  Can’t seem to get enough of them lately.

Home roasted coffee.  Yum.

Bear.  Can’t get enough of him either……  😉


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