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Timed test…

Limited time today, so a brief entry:

Up early today in the name of fetching our newly repaired car. Hooray for not having the front end on the brink of collapse as Bear is trying to get around town! Cost us a mere arm an a half… but well worth it, I think. Having the gas sipper back means we’ll save a fair bit at the gas pump, something we sorely missed during the few weeks it was down.

Getting ready for the new school season to start and looking for ways to make things shiny and new and fabulously interesting for everyone involved this year. Homeschooling the way we have been has turned into a kind of workbook hell for us. I am seriously hoping to counter that. Which means we need to become ‘joiners’ more often. In general, we are not. I’m willing to take most of the heat here, given that I don’t push Monkey into doing things. All he has to say when I ask if he wants to go do something is ‘nah’ and I breathe a sigh of relief. This tells me the issue is mine more than his and means I have to just suck it up and pursue things more often that he will want to do. Bonus for me, he’s old enough now to do some of the pursuit on his own which makes me hopeful that he’ll really begin to find his groove on some things.

Time’s up, Cheers!