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Friends like these….

     ~The Monkey boy is having friend troubles.  He’s discovering that not all friends are created equal, and not all are true.  This makes me sad for him.  It also points up how lazy I have become with my own friends.  I need to make some calls and catch up.  Have some folks out for dinner.  We’re planning a Halloween party again this year, and I’ve been less than enthusiastic (read: apathetic) in my prep.  Part of it is that I have such limited time with Bear right now, I don’t want to share him or be distracted from my time with him.  He’s still apprenticing with the Wave at the ink shop as well as working full time at the Job, and I miss our previous level of free time together.  Still, friends are so important.  Those connections… well, they matter.  When they fray and wear away it’s sad.  I will make more effort to be a better friend. 


      ~I came out of the gate with the best intentions post school.  Alas, I’ve been in the doldrums regarding my practice.  I still haven’t gotten sorted a location, or a plan.  Frankly, I’m feeling pretty crappy about the whole thing.  It’s all very- now I’ve waited and fucked it all up- and melodrama in my head.  Meanwhile, my logical brain can only look on, shaking her head gently and knowing that eventually I’ll get my shit together.  No telling how long it will take though.  Feh. 


     ~Went to a wedding today for a friend (see, not totally neglecting my friends!) who is a huge geek.  It was sweet, and I’m very happy for them.  It was also a bit like being at the renaissance fair- so in the future when I ask what the dress code is for an event, I’ll take them seriously if they say “corsets and kilts”!  Have to say that I much prefer the tartan kilt to the utilikilt, although with all those pockets I can absolutely see why they’re popular.  I’d get a kick out of seeing Bear wear one, although I think there’s about an icecube’s chance in hell of it actually happening.  Anyway, a good time was had by many and gluten free wedding cake, properly made, is quite tasty. 


     ~I’m rereading IT, by Stephen King at the moment.  It’s one of my comfort reads- when the world doesn’t make sense, I sit and let S.K. tell me the story of how kids beat the monster against all odds.  A good reminder that things come out in the wash.  I wonder if The Stand mighn’t be more appropriate given recent news about Ebola….  Heh. 


~At this moment I have a warm dog in my lap, tea brewing, my fellas home for the night, and dinner in the oven.  Life is good.


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Cleaning! The house!

First off, let me say- THE LEG IS MUCH BETTER!!!!!  WOOOOOO!!  It’s not perfect and I’m still nervous about stairs, but I mopped and vacuumed my floors today (which turned out to be something like looking at new flooring when it was all said and done… eeew).  I still have stretching and strengthening to do, and I’m not sure how soon I’ll be dancing again, but it’s so so much better.  Yay for me.*  I’m trying to get back to that good mental place I was in when I was doing all that exercise and filled with endorphins, but it’s a bit tougher when you can’t really get into the exercise bit without fear of re-injury.  Alas, I suppose it’s too soon.  I miss those endorphins fiercely though.  The Boss is quite pleased I’m able to take tables at the Chinese again (as am I, although I suspect our reasons are not entirely the same).  She’s exhausted from the constant work- she practically lives there anyway, and taking up my slack doubled her work load.  I missed the money.  So we’re both pretty overjoyed that I’m mobile again, even if I am a bit slower at the moment.


*and everyone near me who’s had to listen to my bitching.


We got Monkey’s homeschool nonsense all sorted for this season.  I’d left it ’til late and got all freaked out about it (not that that’s anything new), but we found a new assessor who is FUCKING FANTASTIC.  All these years I’ve just had a lady who came, looked at the work, and signed the sheet without offering any real insight or opinion.  This guy though, he’s right with it.  Suggestions where we asked for them, reassurance where we needed it, and a willingness to listen to us ramble about our year.  So glad we found him.  It’s always so nice to have all that in order. 

I’ve been mentally rearranging my house recently, think I may just be biding my time ’til I can actually do it.  I warned Bear that I’m considering getting rid of one of the desks in the office and putting my massage table in there.  Guess which desk would have to move?  Heh.  He said we could put his in the garage- but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen.  I just have to figure out how best to shift all the tiles around to make the right shape (yeah, remember those puzzles?  My place is small like that.)  We’ll see how it turns out, but I’d love to clear a bunch of shit out and just start fresh.  Suppose I’d better get on that while I’ve the place to meself. 


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Recent lessons

It’s been some time since I even gave a thought to blogging.  Or writing of any kind.  Needless to say, my brain is a jumble of nonsense and the important and everything in between.  I know writing is good for me, helps to sort out all the dross and cobwebs…. I just… forget sometimes that I have to actually DO it.  Or get preoccupied with whatever is happening in the moment.  I have blog envy for those folks who do write consistently.  Even if it’s only every 3 months, they’re like Old Faithful.  Heh. 


So.  Life. 


I’m starting massage school in the Fall.  It’ll be 20 months of intense learning (hands on and book) and then I’ll be certified in all sorts of massage types.  I’m looking forward to it and keeping fingers crossed that I can retain all that info.  Saw examples of my course books and they look pretty hardcore.  Bear and boy are fully behind me and aware that I’ll only be half here a lot of the time for that 20 months.  They’re making a plan.  I love that they’re making a plan.  I am also in the beginning stages of making a plan, but got slightly derailed by a…..

Pulled Calf Muscle!!!!!


Can we all say ‘No Fun At All’? 


See, part of the plan (that got slightly derailed) was ‘be more fit’ and it involved strengthening my cardio system (because I was panting after going up 10 steps, or something).  So my friend Irish says ‘you should try the Insanity workout, it’s fucking ridiculously tough, but I’m seeing great results.  And I says to meself, I can do tough- I’m not afraid to modify the workout to fit my needs.  I’ve got this.  And I did. 

For 4 days. 

I modified the workout.  It was still, in fact, Fucking Ridiculously Tough- even modified (that was the point after all).  I forgot to also modify the recovery days.  So when my calves were SORE (like stairs make you cringe because you not only look like a goober but it hurts going down them) for 2 days I thought ‘I’ll take a day off Insanity and just walk today and get back to it tomorrow’. 


Did you catch the foolishness in that last sentence??  I did.  The next day.  During warm up.  Mummy kicks (which I found to be one of the easier exercises, ironically).  And as I’m doing mummy kicks I abruptly hear ‘POP’ from my right calf.  fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck


This happened on Tuesday morning.  I was supposed to perform at my Halau’s luau on the second Saturday following.  Can we all say ‘Disappointed as FUCK’?  Oh, by the way?  I couldn’t drive either, the first week and a half.  So I had to seek out a ride to everything.  Which made me feel like a total pain in the ass.  I have a whole new appreciation for those who are injured/handicapped and have to ask others for help, and also for people who have to hobble along.  Be nice to them, they are probably Very Annoyed by their lack of speed and are highly aware that everyone around them can move at the speed of light and has to wait on their pokey hobbling ass.  At least, I have been. 


Luau came off well, and in the end I was terribly disappointed I couldn’t dance (so no surprises there)- but I did chant and drum, and that was FAB.  And I’m healing.  It’s been 3ish weeks and I can begin to seriously consider that I might walk normally soon.  Ish.  I can stretch it, gently.  I can drive (which is a MAJOR WIN).  I feel less helpless.  That’s a pretty major win too.  I don’t do helpless, it makes me cranky and mean.  This is good to know for future reference and as a flaw I need to work on, but finding out has sucked for all involved.  I’m pretty sure Monkey wanted to stuff me in a closet and leave me to my own devices more than once, since he’s been the one around me most during this.  Bear is working 2d shift now, so he’s out of it during the day.  I’m getting better, though.  And being nicer (my inner editor has her work cut out for her). 


I’m resuscitating the plan and altering it and giving myself recovery time (even though I’m antsy to be done recovering).  Just means I have to start in a different place and maybe at a slower pace than the original plan called for. 

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Things have been kind of insane lately.  See, I’ve been sucked into the Wormhole of Genealogy.  Which means I’ve been up til something like 4 in the morning with coffee and file folders searching a zillion databases, cursing Ancestry for wanting me to pay for Every-Damn-Scrap, madly collating information, and generally trying to figure out who the parents were and where they were from for any given person in my (and Bear’s) family.  There are A LOT of people in my family.  As it turns out- I really am Not alone.  😉 


In addition to that, I’m knitting.  Which, as it turns out, I cannot do simultaneously with genealogical research.  Apparently, I’m not *quite* that talented.  Not enough arms ‘n stuff.  Or eyes.  But!  The sweater of mayhem is nearing completion!  I’m all the way up to shaping the neckline.  Now I just have to figure out what the directions really want me to do.  I’m sure it’s simple.  Really.  Except for those stitches it tells me to put on the holder.  And then do what? with them exactly?  Yeah.  I’ll sort it as soon as I see Coffee and Legs.  They’ll no doubt tell me to just do what the paper says and it’ll come out alright.  BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE STITCHES?!  So, yeah, that’s taking up all kinds of space in my brain. 


Lastly, I’ve begun reading Game of Thrones. 

Absorbing, engrossing, another fabulous timesuck.  Even better, I can read while I’m knitting now that I have a Kindle!  Yes!  Definitely in the top 5 Birthday gifts ever.  I don’t need a paperweight to hold it open.  Don’t have to shift a bunch of stuff around and put things down to turn the page.  Just a gentle bonk on the forward button on the side.  Nice.  The problem is, I got the book through the library and right now kindle books have a shorter loan period than regular books.  With all the stuff I’m currently obsessing over, I’m NOT READING FAST ENOUGH!  It’s due in a couple days.  So I’m going to wrap it up here and get back to it! 




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night thoughts

It’s late, and I’ve not much to say so this shouldn’t take too long. 


Been watching the news on London the last few days and I’m saddened and disheartened by all the thoughtless, meaningless violence.  I cannot imagine what it must be like for the people who live in those neighbourhoods to wait for this to pass, then go clean up in the morn.  How frightening and angering.  My heart goes out to them. 


Tried to touch base this eve with a long distance friend from whom I’ve not seen anything for a while.  She lives in the UK, although not really near the trouble, but it’s made me wonder in a more pronounced way how she is….  Well, I hope.  Left a note where I hope she’ll find it, fingers crossed.  🙂


The fam and I took the summer off homeschooling.  Our first ‘real’ summer break ever.  It’s been nice, but it’s time for assessment and getting back into the groove.  I suspect this year will see more social activities, based on comments from Monkey.  With him being an official teenager now, I can only imagine what that will mean for me.  Yikes.  I know for a start it will entail more research on my end and on his. 


Bear is getting on alright at work.  Being a glorified babysitter is not his cup of tea, but he can do it- and well.  The rumour at the moment is that one of his problem children will be moving to first shift.  That would be quite nice for him, I think.  I’m sure it would make his life much more pleasant there if he didn’t have to constantly herd CP back into his area.  He’s got quite enough on his mind at the moment trying to figure out how we’ll potentially pay for a trip to Disneyland this winter.  It’s mom’s birthday and she wants the whole family to go.  Holy fucking frogspawn.  Someone mentioned the prospect of the Harry Potter world in Disney but, alas, that’s in Orlando- not California.  Which is a pretty big disappointment since that would’ve been a HUGE draw for me.  Oh, well.  We’ll get it all sorted, one way or another.  I’d like to go just since I’ve never been and it sounds like it could be fun….. 


I reckon I’m all rambled out.  Take it easy out there.  Be kind to one another. 




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touching base

Mmmmm… been a while I suppose.  Haven’t written much of anything for some time now.  We’ve been adjusting to Bear’s new job bit by bit, and life seems to be strangely busy and I just haven’t made time for it.  Kind of surprised to find myself here now, actually. 


I’ve had 4 cups of coffee today.  This is a good thing since it’s coffee made at home and therefore better than just about any I could get anywhere else.  We’ve been eating breakfast out more often since Bear is on 3ds.  It’s time for us to catch up, but I suspect we could catch up just as well (possibly better) in the comfort of our home.  AND, I don’t have to feel like I’ve got to get myself all done up to stay in.  Which is a definite bonus. 


Trying to find some decent new music to listen to.  Not really working at the mo.  Maybe after a few glasses of wine the stuff I’m hearing will sound better to me?  Like beer goggles, only with wine?  Winebuds?  That could be ok.  Heading to Whiskey’s tonight to do his hair in dreadlocks and watch bad films.  It’ll be a hoot.  Last time we did his hair it took forever and we broke 4 combs.  Hopefully things will go more smoothly this time. 


Found something pretty in the garden yesterday…