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the merits of not freezing

you get the idea

I was supposed to go walk down by the river this morning, but opted out because:

  • I got up late
  • it’s too damn cold and windy and sleety
  • coffee at the local diner was calling me
  • I didn’t wanna

Thus I found myself- after staggering into the white death- drinking cup after cup of coffee (liberally endowed with cream and sugar) with Cheesecake, Legs, and eventually Hippie.  Possibly the best moment of the morning was when an ancient man came in with a hat that said “LETCH”.

I so desperately wish I had been able to get a clandestine picture, but, having fallen over in a fit of chuckaliciousness at the hat’s arrival I’m pretty sure the old man wearing it would have realised what I was doing….  And there’s no way I could’ve kept a straight face to ask for a pic.  Maybe next time.

Hula was out today, on account of the weather and no one wanting to slide over to the halau.  A bit of a relief for me, as I found my body wasn’t all in for much of anything shortly after breakfast.  The perils of womanhood and whatnot.  As a bonus though, Monkey (who is still not feeling quite right, poor lad) and I got to share some quality time curled up on the couch under blankies watching Despicable Me.  Which, by the by, is possibly the most perfect movie ever for just that purpose.  🙂


Bear has ventured out to the shop to try and get some work done before his fingers go totally numb.  I may have to ping him shortly to make sure he hasn’t frozen over entirely.

Irish and Dog have returned from their hiatus/house sitting adventure, having been gone a week and some.  Puppa is entirely sure something is amiss and feels the need to let me know with every whining breath.  He’s driving me mad.  Never saw a dog sleep with ‘alert ears’ until now.  It’s pretty amazing; I guess it’s the canine version of sleeping with one eye open…..  Dog is just doing what he does, possibly wondering why the small dog is all wigged out.  Mooch.. well, she’s really not too concerned with much of anything not involving biscuits, cheweez, or squeakers.  Other critters in the house are fine as long as they aren’t dipping into her goodies.

Picked up a new gargoyle at the antique shop the other day.  He’s marvelous.  Smug little grin and teeny wings on his back.  A surprise tail tucked in around his feet.  He’s plaster and needs a touch of repair, but Bear said it won’t be a problem.  I was absolutely gleeful when I looked at the tag and saw he was only 5 bucks.


How could I not bring him home?