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Things have been kind of insane lately.  See, I’ve been sucked into the Wormhole of Genealogy.  Which means I’ve been up til something like 4 in the morning with coffee and file folders searching a zillion databases, cursing Ancestry for wanting me to pay for Every-Damn-Scrap, madly collating information, and generally trying to figure out who the parents were and where they were from for any given person in my (and Bear’s) family.  There are A LOT of people in my family.  As it turns out- I really am Not alone.  😉 


In addition to that, I’m knitting.  Which, as it turns out, I cannot do simultaneously with genealogical research.  Apparently, I’m not *quite* that talented.  Not enough arms ‘n stuff.  Or eyes.  But!  The sweater of mayhem is nearing completion!  I’m all the way up to shaping the neckline.  Now I just have to figure out what the directions really want me to do.  I’m sure it’s simple.  Really.  Except for those stitches it tells me to put on the holder.  And then do what? with them exactly?  Yeah.  I’ll sort it as soon as I see Coffee and Legs.  They’ll no doubt tell me to just do what the paper says and it’ll come out alright.  BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE STITCHES?!  So, yeah, that’s taking up all kinds of space in my brain. 


Lastly, I’ve begun reading Game of Thrones. 

Absorbing, engrossing, another fabulous timesuck.  Even better, I can read while I’m knitting now that I have a Kindle!  Yes!  Definitely in the top 5 Birthday gifts ever.  I don’t need a paperweight to hold it open.  Don’t have to shift a bunch of stuff around and put things down to turn the page.  Just a gentle bonk on the forward button on the side.  Nice.  The problem is, I got the book through the library and right now kindle books have a shorter loan period than regular books.  With all the stuff I’m currently obsessing over, I’m NOT READING FAST ENOUGH!  It’s due in a couple days.  So I’m going to wrap it up here and get back to it!