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Friends like these….

     ~The Monkey boy is having friend troubles.  He’s discovering that not all friends are created equal, and not all are true.  This makes me sad for him.  It also points up how lazy I have become with my own friends.  I need to make some calls and catch up.  Have some folks out for dinner.  We’re planning a Halloween party again this year, and I’ve been less than enthusiastic (read: apathetic) in my prep.  Part of it is that I have such limited time with Bear right now, I don’t want to share him or be distracted from my time with him.  He’s still apprenticing with the Wave at the ink shop as well as working full time at the Job, and I miss our previous level of free time together.  Still, friends are so important.  Those connections… well, they matter.  When they fray and wear away it’s sad.  I will make more effort to be a better friend. 


      ~I came out of the gate with the best intentions post school.  Alas, I’ve been in the doldrums regarding my practice.  I still haven’t gotten sorted a location, or a plan.  Frankly, I’m feeling pretty crappy about the whole thing.  It’s all very- now I’ve waited and fucked it all up- and melodrama in my head.  Meanwhile, my logical brain can only look on, shaking her head gently and knowing that eventually I’ll get my shit together.  No telling how long it will take though.  Feh. 


     ~Went to a wedding today for a friend (see, not totally neglecting my friends!) who is a huge geek.  It was sweet, and I’m very happy for them.  It was also a bit like being at the renaissance fair- so in the future when I ask what the dress code is for an event, I’ll take them seriously if they say “corsets and kilts”!  Have to say that I much prefer the tartan kilt to the utilikilt, although with all those pockets I can absolutely see why they’re popular.  I’d get a kick out of seeing Bear wear one, although I think there’s about an icecube’s chance in hell of it actually happening.  Anyway, a good time was had by many and gluten free wedding cake, properly made, is quite tasty. 


     ~I’m rereading IT, by Stephen King at the moment.  It’s one of my comfort reads- when the world doesn’t make sense, I sit and let S.K. tell me the story of how kids beat the monster against all odds.  A good reminder that things come out in the wash.  I wonder if The Stand mighn’t be more appropriate given recent news about Ebola….  Heh. 


~At this moment I have a warm dog in my lap, tea brewing, my fellas home for the night, and dinner in the oven.  Life is good.


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Cleaning! The house!

First off, let me say- THE LEG IS MUCH BETTER!!!!!  WOOOOOO!!  It’s not perfect and I’m still nervous about stairs, but I mopped and vacuumed my floors today (which turned out to be something like looking at new flooring when it was all said and done… eeew).  I still have stretching and strengthening to do, and I’m not sure how soon I’ll be dancing again, but it’s so so much better.  Yay for me.*  I’m trying to get back to that good mental place I was in when I was doing all that exercise and filled with endorphins, but it’s a bit tougher when you can’t really get into the exercise bit without fear of re-injury.  Alas, I suppose it’s too soon.  I miss those endorphins fiercely though.  The Boss is quite pleased I’m able to take tables at the Chinese again (as am I, although I suspect our reasons are not entirely the same).  She’s exhausted from the constant work- she practically lives there anyway, and taking up my slack doubled her work load.  I missed the money.  So we’re both pretty overjoyed that I’m mobile again, even if I am a bit slower at the moment.


*and everyone near me who’s had to listen to my bitching.


We got Monkey’s homeschool nonsense all sorted for this season.  I’d left it ’til late and got all freaked out about it (not that that’s anything new), but we found a new assessor who is FUCKING FANTASTIC.  All these years I’ve just had a lady who came, looked at the work, and signed the sheet without offering any real insight or opinion.  This guy though, he’s right with it.  Suggestions where we asked for them, reassurance where we needed it, and a willingness to listen to us ramble about our year.  So glad we found him.  It’s always so nice to have all that in order. 

I’ve been mentally rearranging my house recently, think I may just be biding my time ’til I can actually do it.  I warned Bear that I’m considering getting rid of one of the desks in the office and putting my massage table in there.  Guess which desk would have to move?  Heh.  He said we could put his in the garage- but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen.  I just have to figure out how best to shift all the tiles around to make the right shape (yeah, remember those puzzles?  My place is small like that.)  We’ll see how it turns out, but I’d love to clear a bunch of shit out and just start fresh.  Suppose I’d better get on that while I’ve the place to meself. 


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99 accounts

I have at least eleven thousand accounts online.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.  Every time I turn around someone is telling me I need to create an account with them so I can comment/read/pay/whatever.

I lie one at least ten thousand ninety nine.  Or more.

I just give them the first thing that pops in my head.  My local newspaper, for instance, knows me as Sharon Quid, who lives in Toronto.  Do these people really think everyone is telling the truth?  They can’t possibly.

I’m learning to knit cables.  Which was terrifying initially, because I was sure I’d fuck it up and it’s a piece for a friend.  It’s not too bad.  Have to pay attention though.  And the piece is coming along swimmingly. 

The weather here has been compleatly whacked.  It’s like spring when we should be smothering in snow.  I mean, like, 70ish degree days.  No coat.  No mittens.  Sunglassess.  Margaritas, anyone?



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Story of my life….

November is nearly over.  It’s finally cold- I’m freezing my ass off as I sit here in my layers waiting for the heat to come on.  Monkey is in the other room feeding his Yuletide film addiction with a Wonderful Life.  My car is in the shop for some unknown, but stinky ailment.  Hopefully Wrench will call with good news in the morn.  There are gifts awaiting wrap.  A large metal chicken decorated with lights, affectionately named ‘Beyonce’ (jr)’, on my porch. 


“It’s hard putting christmas lights on a chicken.”


The wine in my glass diminishes by the moment and I am still not satisfied~ mainly because it’s not coffee.  In trying to be sensible, I am often disappointed.  At least in the short run.  Must remember the payoff almost always comes later than I’d like.  I have no interest whatsoever in Yule decorating this year.  (At least at the moment.  It’s still November~ might be more into it next month.)  I am tired of missing my Bear.  We had 4 days off together over Thanksgiving and I loved every moment.  (Ok, maybe not the massive headache Saturnday- but all the rest for certain.)  I miss all the time we had together when we were both laid off.*


Things will get better.  We will have time again.  There will be hikes, and deer hunting and breakfast at home.  And foolishness.  Must remember that.  It’s so hard in this moment though. 

Anyway.  Monkey finished his report on prohibition and presented it yesterday.  He wants to do Archery.  Come to that, I do too.  Must get more info on that.  No car puts a kink in the regular plan for Thorsday for us~ we’ll be home in the morn (hopefully off to pick up the car in short order), rather than gallivanting with friends.  There is talk of a Coffee shop meeting… I think we’ll miss that one as well since it’s scheduled for one of my work days.  Maybe next time. 


Working on the design for my next tattoo.  What I really need to do is call the artist and sic him on it.  Not being the kind of high caliber artist I’d like to be, I’ll need him to do it for me.  Hope it turns out as I’d like.  Told Bear he could get me more ink for Yule.  He just smiled. 




*Yes, I am aware that this is blasphemous in America at this time.  I don’t care.


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Trying to finish a thought::

For the love of all that is good and holy. 


My child will not leave me the fuck alone.  Bless him, every time I try to read something, listen to something or write something- even if it’s just a grocery list- he’s immediately in my face because he remembered 16 lego related things he MUST TELL ME IMMEDIATELY.*


He can’t tell me when I’m just hanging around the house doing whatever.  Or, like, when I try to initiate conversation.  Nope.  He waits till I’m trying to focus on something else.  The child could be outside and the moment I start to focus on anything requiring my full attention, he’s there. 


“By the way, mom, those legos I told you about?  I can help you look for them on ebay if you want.” 

“Hey mom, wouldn’t pizza be nice for dinner?” 

“Mom, I need the computer- are you almost done?”


This last is inevitably just after I turn the bastard machine on.  It’s like there’s a sensor in his head that goes off at just the moment I decide I need a bit of time to myself.  I know admitting this makes me a horrible Mom.  Full of terribleness and evil.  But all I really want is to not be interrupted for just a little while.  Say, an hour.  1 Hour.  That shouldn’t be too hard. 


There has to be some other area in which my son can put his interruption sensor to work.  Some way he can capitalise on it.  He’s Quite effective.  And I know at some point I’m going to miss that (no, I don’t think so.  Other things about him, but not this particular thing.)  He’s a great kid, I love him dearly.  I just wish he was less consistent with this ‘quirk’. 


*{this literally just happened}



Our Thanksgiving was lovely.  We had a few odds and ends over for goose (which came out marvelously), wine, and dessert.  The kids all wore themselves out running about creating mayhem.  Monkey, being the oldest of them was quite patient with them all invading his room and screeching and whatnot.  We got to watch the parade early in the day whilst prepping for company, and Monkey got to see some of the extended family early in the afternoon. 


We have a lot to be grateful for.  Bear’s job (even with the massive drawback of being a timesuck- it beats the shit out of nothing), my job (sooo much better than the library), our family (healthy, happy, cared for, loved), our friends (who are really family), and so much more.  It’s tough, sometimes, to remember that things could always be worse.  In a moment of misery, what could possibly be worse- right?  It could.  Be glad for what you have~ even interruptions~ because someone else has less.  In the words of someone great: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.* 



*{so they’re likely carrying weapons}

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touching base

Mmmmm… been a while I suppose.  Haven’t written much of anything for some time now.  We’ve been adjusting to Bear’s new job bit by bit, and life seems to be strangely busy and I just haven’t made time for it.  Kind of surprised to find myself here now, actually. 


I’ve had 4 cups of coffee today.  This is a good thing since it’s coffee made at home and therefore better than just about any I could get anywhere else.  We’ve been eating breakfast out more often since Bear is on 3ds.  It’s time for us to catch up, but I suspect we could catch up just as well (possibly better) in the comfort of our home.  AND, I don’t have to feel like I’ve got to get myself all done up to stay in.  Which is a definite bonus. 


Trying to find some decent new music to listen to.  Not really working at the mo.  Maybe after a few glasses of wine the stuff I’m hearing will sound better to me?  Like beer goggles, only with wine?  Winebuds?  That could be ok.  Heading to Whiskey’s tonight to do his hair in dreadlocks and watch bad films.  It’ll be a hoot.  Last time we did his hair it took forever and we broke 4 combs.  Hopefully things will go more smoothly this time. 


Found something pretty in the garden yesterday… 




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ink on my hands

Algebra.  Just that word makes me want to grimace.  Homeschooling Monkey is getting tricky as we approach the higher maths, which can be frustrating for everyone in the house.  Chatted with Godfather about this and he said he’d be willing to do some tutoring for us, since math is cakework for him.  Nice to know Someone understands it.  🙂  I’m quite looking forward to it, though.  Almost finished with the US history book we’re working through, and then it’s time to broaden horizons.

Lunch today with a friend I haven’t seen in a while.  Looking forward to catching up.  Yoga class continues to be a source of amusement for me.  Some of the poses we do are just a riot.  It’s hard for me to not gigglesnickerchuckle in the middle of them.  I try not to since I’m pretty sure people would think I was laughing at them, rather than the ideas my brain gives me about the actual movements.  And some of them just make me feel silly.  The first week was Zombie yoga, this week was Surfing yoga.  It keeps me grinning though…..

Played around a bit with Bear’s tattoo machine last eve.  He’s got this fake skin and was working on that, then on an orange.  The difference in the way the two took the ink was amazing.  Not sure how ‘skin-like’ the fake skin is.  Certainly less supple and the orange really shows it if you cut the skin, rather than inking it.  Also, it smells really good.  😉  Tattooing is hard on the hands though, I can totally see how you’d build strength there.  Those machines are heavy.

You know those things that happen to friends and you wish you could help, but all you can really do is be there if they need you?  I’ve one of those at the moment.  All I can say is: Man, I know it’s heavy.  I’m here to help lighten the load if I can.  Even if it’s just with booze and food and a bit of a laugh.